7 Women's Adventure Sport Films

As the weather warms I have been dreaming more and more about adventuring outdoors. I've also been reflecting on how it feels to be challenging myself outdoors as a woman.

When I'm looking for some motivation I love watching videos that inspire me to get out and challenge myself. So I've compiled a list of my favourite documentaries with female protagonists, so you can feel inspired too!

I believe it is time to move away from calling adventurous girls tom-boys and instead broaden our opinion of what it means to be a woman. Let's allow girls to be multifaceted without asking them to explain themselves.

Within Reach

This short film by REI fits perfectly as the first suggestion as it tackles directly the issues surrounding women in climbing. Feminism is often a tough subject to discuss but this short doc documents the experience of many female climbers.


Unstoppable tells the incredible story of pro surfer Bethany Hamilton. Bethany loses her arm in a shark attack and is back surfing within a month, the film then follows her journey back to competing and motherhood. The full documentary is available to watch on Netflix.

Reel Rock : Spice Girl

This episode of Reel Rock follows British trad climber Hazel Findlay as she becomes the first female to climb E9. Hazels attitude to climbing is so inspiring, she speaks openly about how "women may not physically be as strong as men, but there's no reason not to be as bold". Hazel is a seriously impressive climber and totally destroys my favourite excuse of being too small to climb hard routes!

You can watch the episode here

Rise Fierce

Not a documentary as such, but I couldn't not share this short video from dry robe with Sophie Hellyer talking about cold water swimming. Sophie is an environmental activist, surfer and yoga teacher. Cold water swimming has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last year or two and for very good reason in my opinion! It's exhilarating, simple and personally I love the challenge of getting in the water in all weathers - I always feel so giddy and energised afterwards.

The Source

This documentary tells the story of one my all time favourite athletes Courtney Dauwalter. Courtney's achievements in ultra-running are absolutely unbelievable and I love that she is so authentically herself, from the clothes she chooses to wear to how she handles herself around others. Not to mention she runs 100 - 200 mile races (and beats the men) - she is one seriously impressive lady!

Break on through

Another amazing short doc from Reel Rock following American climber Margo Hayes as she becomes the first woman to climb two of the most revered climbs in the world – La Rambla in Spain and Biographie in France. At just 19 Margo is one of the most impressive climbers to watch as their is a real uniqueness to her style and she also comes across as quirky and likeable.

You can watch Break On Through here

Kim Swims

Kim Swims documents Kiwi Kim as she attempts a 30 mile swim in shark infested water from the Farallon islands to Golden Gates Bridge. Only four men have ever completed this swim proving just how much of a crazy challenge it is. I love how Kim balances her fierce determination to succeed with gratitude for her surroundings and the experience.

You can rent the movie on any of the options here ( It is no longer on Netflix)

I hope that you enjoy these videos and feel inspired to get out on your own adventures!

If you have any other suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments.



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