These bean burgers were a staple during our van life days, quick, easy and very budget friendly! There's very little not to like and you can personalise ingredients to your taste. Since the improvement of our kitchen set up, I gave these burgers a revamp by blending the mixture for a smoother more mock meat texture.


2 x tins of beans (I like chickpeas and black beans)

2 tbsp of plain flour

1 x small onion diced

2x medium garlic cloves diced fine

generously season with salt and pepper

1 tbsp of smoked paprika

2 tbsp of nutritional yeast (optional as the main reason I add it is to feed my addiction)


1. Pan fry diced onions and garlic until nicely browned

2. For the beans you can either mash with a potato masher and then add other ingredients and stir

3. Alternatively you can pop all ingredients in the blender until mashed

4. Add seasoning and spices

5. Shape mix into burger shapes, dust flour on each side and fry for around 5 mins on each side

6. Serve with your favourite toppings/ sides and enjoy!

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