Clearing negative energy

Every day we come into contact with energy that has a huge impact on our mood, actions and well-being. We can all recollect that feeling of walking into a party that was full of laughing excited people and being swept straight into it, feeling immediately at ease. The same thing happens with negative energy.

I believe we all have a big muddle of positive and negative energy within us, which is pretty magical and reflects the ups and downs of life. I've often beaten myself up on low days where I have felt 'not enough' or 'boring' in social situations, I have felt as though I am the one spreading the negative energy. I have come to realise I am not alone in these feelings and it's actually more uncommon not to experience these things!

Mixed emotions can teach us the best lessons, however it can sometimes feel as though we're a bit stuck. That's why it can be super helpful to have some techniques in place to use to help clear the negative energy and bring us back to feeling our best.

1. Emrace it

Ride the waves of your mind. Remember what comes up comes down and it will find it's way back up again. Sometimes delving a little deeper into our negative feelings or thought patterns, can provide us with the awareness we need to start feeling more positive.

2. Move

Exercising causes chemical changes in your brain and has been scientifically proven to lift your mood. This doesn't mean you need to become a marathon runner to feel good, you can do simple things, such as:

Take a walk, even if only to the end of the street.

Play your favourite song loud and dance.

Roll out your mat, stretch, breathe, lie in savasana for as long as your body wants to.

3. Switch off your phone

Try not to switch it back on two minutes later. Take a whole day off, try to imagine your inbox as your post box, it would feel a bit silly to go out and check it five times per hour. Whilst technology can have many positive impacts, too much of anything can start to have a negative effect on us. Try to be mindful about the time you spend online and notice how the things you are looking at are making you feel.

4. Pranayama

Yogic breathing exercises are a powerful way of negative energy cleansing in both mind and body. While any of the classic yogic breathing exercises will be beneficial in helping to clear negative energy blockages, two techniques in particular, Nadhi Sodhana (Alternate nostril breathing) and Kapalabhati (Fire breath), are very helpful in mobilising and flushing the bad energy out of your system. The best way to practice these techniques is to attend a yoga class, even if the class doesn't incorporate these breathing practices in, I'm positive your yoga teacher will happily demonstrate for you.

5. Meditate

My meditation teacher once told me that even monks struggle with calming their thoughts, the only difference is they have put in the practice and as a result are much faster at returning to their centre. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect meditation practice, your meditation could be sitting in silence for 10 minutes or organising your kitchen drawers. There are no rules with meditation, explore what works for you.


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