Dream working and the new moon

A new moon is the perfect time to refresh your dreams. We can spend lots of time working towards one particular goal, without taking into consideration all the factors that may change along the way. So one way of staying in tune with the fluctuations of your journey is to tap into the cycle of the moon. We have around 12 New Moons per year, each an opportunity for reflection and renewal.

Everything within and around us moves through phases and the magical moon teaches us so much about the constant change and spiralling patterns in this Universe we live (and love) in. ⁠

Since ancient times, human beings have searched for a meaning behind inner and outer happenings. ⁠

We have lived by the moon and the sun. Used stars as our guide. There is nothing woohoo about this - our world being affected by the gravity of these celestial bodies is a scientific fact. But there's something more - they also give us the story that helps us to live life from the place of understanding, acceptance and alignment.⁠

For as long as I can remember I've recorded everything. I have boxes of notebooks filled with thoughts, poems and doodles. There's not a semi-important train ticket I haven't scribbled on the back of and popped in a box to be discovered again.

When I was a child if I was upset I would run off with a pen and paper and scribble down all my feelings that were too intense to process. Things haven't changed much and I still reach for a pen when I'm in need of a little clarity. There has never been much method to my musings, preferring a more fluid approach to 'journalling'. I stay away from schedules and try to tap into the patterns of the universe as a little insight into the best time's to pause and reflect instead.

If you're in need of a little guidance, try this exercise:

1. Get comfortable in a peaceful environment with paper and pen ( leave your phone in a different room).

2. Start a spider diagram with the words 'I AM' in the centre and then think carefully about all the words you feel could come after those two words and write them around the mantra. Only choose words that are relevant to you in that moment.

3. Next add in words that you would like to be relevant for future you. Observe the words mixing together, much like in your mind.

4. Use your diagram as inspiration to get you started with writing a journal entry about how you could bridge the gap between the present and your future.

Poppy X


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