Why you don't need to be flexible to do yoga

Yoga is SO much more than being able to get your leg behind your head or even touch your toes. In fact you can even practice yoga without a mat or over priced leggings.

The most common concern I hear from people in relation to attending a yoga class is about flexibility, but saying you can't do yoga because your not flexible is a bit like saying you can't take a shower because your too dirty.

Yoga is for everyone and no one should be held back from doing something they are curious about because they think they are lacking in ability. Asanas (yoga postures) work on stability and mobility as much as flexibility. With practice and patience it will come.

Coming to your mat is a time to calm your mind, spend some time moving mindfully at whatever pace and whatever way makes you feel amazing. Yoga is an opportunity to share space with like minded individuals, feel better in your body and learn how your breathe can make you feel a gazillion times better in a matter of minutes.

Yoga is about taking some time for yourself in a world where we can often feel like an after thought. It can be used as a rest bite from a hectic schedule, it can also be a chance to relax without feeling guilty. Sometimes it can seem as if everyone around you has a jam packed schedule, moving from one successful venture to the next. We often mark success by how busy someone is, yoga shifts this. With the help of yoga, success becomes measured by how you can prioritise the things you truly want to spend your time on and how you define your values.

So next time you find yourself saying you can't do something, but deep down you know you would love to have a go, try holding yourself accountable to these thoughts and have a go anyway!


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